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A glimpse inside a knitting factory tucked away in the ancient city of Bhaktapur
A Bucket List Bike Ride Across Nepal
When the mountains are legendary peaks such as Everest, you can only imagine what the hills might be like in Nepal.
5 Favorite Hikes Around the World
Plus fan favorites for your next trek
Explore Nepal: Spur Your Senses & Unearth Inspiration
We are endlessly inspired by Nepal, the home country of our founder. Rich in cultural and religious heritage, arts and architecture and unending snow-capped mountaintops, it would take more than a lifetime to unearth the secrets of this small yet...
48 Hours in the French Alps
 Sherpa Ambassador, Nathan Peterson - @petenathanson, recently visited the French Alps and shared his insight and expertise on how to best spend 48 hours in Chamonix, if you’re short on time. All photos courtesy of Nathan. Chamonix is a remote...
Vulnerability of Travel in Tolka, Nepal
Our friends at Trek to Teach educate Nepali students in remote villages, while trekking through the Himalayan foothills and staying with local families, pushing the boundaries of educational limitations for rural Nepali youth. At Sherpa Adventure Gear we are happy...
Holiday Gifts for the Global Adventurer

Tried and true, our ambassadors have been traveling the world with our newest gear to put it to the test. They’ve helped us make sure you’re always dry, warm and cozy throughout any cold weather adventures. This season, they’ve shared their favorites with us — and you — so you can gift Sherpa to the adventurers in your life.

Being Mindful Along Your Journey
Sherpa ambassador Rachael, @gal_onthego, a twenty-something aspiring outdoor enthusiast and field instructor in wilderness therapy, focuses on holistic treatments through natural resources. Rachael outlines a few key things she’s learned through wilderness therapy, to help us all connect with the...
A Labor of Love, Handcrafting the Kirtipur Sweater
Each day in Kirtipur, Nepal, a small village in the shadow of the Himalayas, teams of skilled women gather to handcraft and assemble our one-of-a-kind Kirtipur Sweaters. Hand-woven on a loom and taking multiple days to create, each piece is...
Our friends at Trek to Teach educate Nepali students in remote villages, while trekking through the Himalayan foothills and staying with local families, pushing the boundaries of educational limitations for rural Nepali youth. At Sherpa Adventure Gear we are happy to provide...
Gai Jatra: A Celebration Of Life And All Things Sacred
To commemorate the death of loved ones and honor the start of a new harvest season, as well as Nepali’s most sacred domestic animal, the cow, the streets of the Kathmandu Valley come to life during the month of August...
Meet Our Students
The Sherpa Adventure Gear Fund provides a brighter future to the children of Nepal through empowerment and education. Currently, we are providing 10 children in grades 3-8 scholarships to attend school, with your support. These scholarships provide Nepali children with education, food and lodging...
Mountain Climbing: It’s a Journey
Our ambassador Victoria, @alpinewithv, is a jack of all trades when it comes to mountain sports. While her primary ambitions involve climbing to the summits of the most compelling mountains in the Canadian Rockies, she also dabbles in ski touring, snowboarding, cycling and waterfall ice climbing.
Two Months on the Road: What to Pack for a Summer Road Trip
In classic Ohio fashion, it’s a sticky 90 degrees. I’m wandering the aisles of Home Depot, scanning 20 foot shelves for a tiny black ring no bigger than a quarter. Refusing help from an employee on pure principle of pretending to know what I’m doing, I continue searching. It’s the final piece we need to complete our rooftop shower.
Passing Down Wisdom From Outdoor Dads
“We have such a brief opportunity to pass on to our children our love for this Earth, and to tell our stories. These are the moments when the world is made whole. In my children's memories, the adventures we've had...
National Trails Day: Sustainably Sharing The Trails And Mountains We Love
Many Sherpas believe that the mountains surrounding their villages are inhabited by gods — towering peaks best left in harmony with their natural environment. Out of respect for these gods, Sherpas have created a culture based on the principles of...
Adventure Anywhere, On Mother's Day
“Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower then my mother is that sweet flower of love.” - Stevie Wonder Here at Sherpa, we know that there’s no way...
Earthquake Anniversary
On April 25, 2015, a violent 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal — followed weeks later by a 7.3-magnitude aftershock — killing almost 9,000 people, injuring 22,000, and damaging or destroying nearly 800,000 homes.
Trek To Teach: Leaving Your Comfort Zone
At Sherpa Adventure Gear we are happy to provide Trek to Teach volunteers with apparel and gear for their travels, knowing that access to education can change the world, and are excited to share one of their recent volunteer’s experiences with you.
Gyalpo Losar
Ringing in the Tibetan new year with food, family and festivities