A small brand committed to making a big impact

Sherpa is adventure gear with a purpose. Our vision is to inspire lives of adventure by exploring new lands and opening minds through learning.

Our goal is to provide 10 million school days by 2030


Days of school provided to date

Every item you buy provides a day of school

It starts with you

Your role is vital. Every item you buy funds a school day for a child in Nepal.

Committed to a life of learning and adventure

Sherpa is adventure gear with a purpose

Our vision is to inspire lives of adventure by exploring new lands and opening minds through learning. We’re on a mission to help educate the girls and boys in Nepal. Every item you buy funds a school day for a child in Nepal. When you wear Sherpa Adventure Gear, you’re helping to teach a child and create opportunity for a new generation.

When people have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, we all benefit.

How our donations benefit students

Teacher and staff
members training

Developing and distributing
quality reading materials

Building libraries &
renovating classrooms

This is where your support is key

Giving children the tools that they need to stay in the school system has wide-reaching benefits.

Far too many children in Nepal are in the workforce and many marry early.

Child Labor


of child aged between 5 and 17 are working in Nepal


of working children are under the age of 14

Child Marriage


of girls in Nepal are married by the time they are 15


by the time they are 18

Every year of the secondary education may reduce the likelihood of marrying before the age of 18 by 5% or more.

When you wear Sherpa Adventure Gear, you’re helping to teach a child and create opportunity for a new generation.


What is the goal of the education program?
Literacy rates in Nepal are staggeringly low. We know when a child learns how to read and write, they are able to better control their future. Our goal is to foster lifelong learning through independent reading, comprehension and writing skills.
What exactly does the donation provide?
We have partnered with globally recognized charity, Room to Read. They have been working in Nepal for 20 years to provide the tools schools, teachers and students need to succeed. We are working specifically with their literacy program in primary schools, which provides:

  1. Quality Materials & Learning Environments: Transforming schools into child-friendly learning environments with teaching materials and libraries full of locally written and illustrated children’s books.
  2. Equipping Teachers with Tools & Training: Providing professional training for teaching reading and writing skills as well as library management and activities. Following up with on-site coaching and assessments to ensure educators can effectively apply their newfound skills and knowledge.
  3. Community Engagement: Collaborating with local governments, schools, communities and families to ensure they understand the importance of literacy and how they can play a role in enabling students to achieve their full potential.
Do schools in Nepal not normally have this support?
Teachers and school staff across Nepal are highly dedicated to their students, but there is little funding or direction available to them. There is no set curriculum in Nepal and minimal teacher training. Schools often do not have reading and course materials.
What is a day of school like for the students you support?
Every day is different! All class sessions are formulated to capture a child's imagination and make learning fun, giving space for them to look forward to the next day of school and the next step in their learning. The model empowers teachers and educators to teach in the best way for their students. In addition to regular class time, each grade has a designated time for activities in the library. Here, librarians conduct reading activities with students such as read-aloud, paired reading, independent reading, and post-reading comprehension activities. Students also have the opportunity to check out books from the library to read at home.
How do you choose which schools and which children to support?
Sherpa Adventure Gear partners with globally recognized charity Room to Read to provide programing and materials in Nepal. The organization is dedicated to working with government schools to reach the most students and create scalable change. Room to Read partners closely with local communities and governments to develop their professional capacity, challenging them to be active participants in the program. This ensures their sense of ownership in sustaining and adopting initiatives that add to children's literacy.
Where are the schools?
Our funds impact schools throughout the Himalayan region and the Tarai flatlands of Nepal.
What ages are the students?
We support students through each year of primary school. Although ages vary, on average, students range from age 5 to age 11.
How long does this program support a school for, and what happens when the support stops?
Our partner Room to Read works actively with each selected school over a four-year timeframe. The goal of the program is to set the school up for success to operate independently at a high level after the four-year period concludes. After the four-year period they continue to assess the progress of students and teachers and offer support if needed.
Is this a long-term project for Sherpa Adventure Gear?
Yes! We are committed to education in Nepal and have set an ambitious goal of providing 10 million days of school by 2030.
Do you support other causes or just the day of school?
Yes, we also support full scholarships for twelve Sherpa students. Each are from remote villages and attend top boarding schools in Kathmandu. Sherpa Adventure Gear provides tuition, boarding, meals, clothing, school supplies and extra-curricular activities for the entirety of their education.
If I don’t buy something, do these kids not attend school?
The total funds that Sherpa provides is supplemental to programs already running in Nepal. This is a main reason why we have chosen to partner with a globally recognized charity such as Room to Read. We are passionate about this program and love that the more we grow, the more schools we can reach.
What happens to the school day if I return an item?
We hope you love your purchase, but if something doesn’t work out, we will gladly except a return within our return period. Our sales are totaled quarterly to provide our donation. Returns are removed from this count. However rare, if something is returned for a warranty issue, we do still provide the donation.
Is Sherpa Adventure Gear a non-profit organization?
Sherpa Adventure Gear donates all funds through the Sherpa Adventure Gear Fund, which is a registered 501(c)3.
Can I donate even if I don’t buy something?
Yes! We are working on setting up an online donation page. In the meantime, you can support the Sherpa Adventure Gear Fund by contacting us at customerservice@sherpaadventuregear.com.
How much money is actually donated?
We donate 25 cents for every product sold. With that donation, 17 cents is donated to Room to Read, and 8 cents is donated to our scholarship fund. This amount is calculated before our profit. Although 25 cents may sound small, it adds up to create meaningful change. We believe a small brand can change the world and with your support, as we grow, we are able to do more.