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Unpacking Morocco

Though our roots will always be Sherpa, our aspirations are global. Our endless knot signifies our connectivity to one another, no matter our differences. Our desire to empower and educate our people is not solely a Sherpa sentiment. Giving back is a universal truth. As our borders seem to shrink, we look outside our homes for inspiration to make change and seek adventure. This season, we sought adventure beyond Nepal’s borders in Morocco, with its endless deserts, looming mountain ranges, renowned surf and diverse cultures, and found that even for a small brand born in Nepal, Morocco feels familiar. Pack with a purpose in Morocco and beyond. Pack for every adventure.


Pack For Every Adventure

  • Protect Yourself

    The farther inland you travel, the more intense the Moroccan sun gets. Combat the heat with UPF layers. Our favorite for the notoriously hot Fez is the men’s Durbar shirt.

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  • Don’t Sweat It

    Morocco is made for trekking. Moisture wicking gear is essential for staying comfortable as you log long miles in the Atlas Mountains. We love the Manang shirt for hiking.

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  • Wrinkle and Worry Free

    Practical and pulled-together, wrinkle-resistant clothing works from town to trail in Marrakech to Imlil. So go ahead and roll, bunch, or cram the women’s Sajillo Pants into your luggage. Just make sure to leave room for the tea, ceramics, and spices you pick up.

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  • Feel Fresh

    Don’t have any qualms about rewearing your favorite Asha tee. With antimicrobial fabric, you’ll worry less about packing something different to wear every day and more about whether you’re surfing in Agadir or Essaouira.

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Tight-Knit Community

The Berber Women of the Atlas Mountains

High in the Atlas Mountains lives a community of Berber women dedicated to weaving artfully crafted and one-of-a-kind natural wool rugs and textiles, just as every generation has done before them. The Berbers (Amazigh) are a diverse indigenous ethnic group with its highest concentration in Morocco. Their economy is largely dependent on sheep for meat, milk and wool. The availability of wool lends itself to the tradition of weaving, and weaving with a purpose: symbols for fertility, protection, grain and more are woven into artworks and reflect symbols found in art from as long ago as 30,000 BC. Those that continue to weave in cooperatives today feel passionately about passing down these skills to preserve their culture and ensure future economic independence, much like our community of knitters in Nepal.

Shop Ethically: When searching for a Berber rug or textile, make sure to do your research. Don’t buy knockoffs. When shopping online, many organizations and start-ups pride themselves on transparency to ensure your piece is legitimate (and the proceeds go to the artist and not the middleman).

Must-Dos in Marrakech

Moroccan Mint Tea:

It's All About the Pour

Making tea in Morocco isn’t as simple as dropping a tea bag into hot water. While preparations and additives vary, the pour remains the same. Adopt the drama of the Moroccan way and pour your guest’s tea from high above its glass. This is meant to swirl loose leaves, aerate the tea and honor your guest.

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