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Human Rights

While today’s issues surrounding social responsibility and human rights are complex, we continually strive to achieve the highest standards. No matter where our products are made, we require our partners to ensure the fair and ethical treatment of all people. Specifically, as part of our vendor partner qualification process, we require all of our partners to adhere to our Compliance Criteria, outlined below.
These policies and guidelines are based upon internationally accepted labor standards and industry best practices. We utilize our own teams, 3rd party auditors, and other suppliers to jointly share resources to conduct social compliance audits to ensure the following criteria is being met.

Law And Factory

All manufacturing partners must comply with local laws, including but not limited to all labor laws, use of contracts, employee manuals and handbooks, and we require each partner to carry a current business license.

No Child Labor

Our strict anti-child labor policy requires all partners to have up-to-date personnel files showing ages of all workers.

No Prison or Forced Labor

All vendors must sign documentation stating that they will never use any prisoner, indentured or forced labor of any kind.

Working Hours

We review attendance records, official overtime waivers and permits.

Wages and Benefits

We require up-to-date payroll records, permits and records, leave applications and resignation records.

Non Discrimination

Our anti-discrimination policy requires access to all disciplinary records.


Our partners must provide health examinations for exposure to any hazardous wastes.

Health and Safety

All facilities must have building permits, factory layouts, fire certificate, equipment and training manuals, accident report records, PPE (personal protective equipment), medical and clinic consultation records, machinery list, maintenance and training records.

Handcrafed in Nepal

Providing Jobs for Women in Nepal

Making products in Nepal means the world to us, socially and economically. Many of our partners in Nepal provide work to women who otherwise may not have this opportunity by completing work in small co-ops or working from home. When work is done outside a factory or taken home, we strive to ensure a high level of standards, however we are unable to visit each as we would a larger factory. We are honored that these programs bring meaningful employment and income to so many.

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